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Designer, Craftsman, partner in the award winning Design team Bells & Whistles and principle of the JXL Studio  The son of a two artist/draftspersons, Jason was studying philosophy when he left school to become a founding member of the experimental-aktionist group ADRV. (1987-1999). Learning from developing the gesamtkunstwerk of ADRV, he transitioning from being a touring performer and began to immerse himself in the world of design and the craft of woodworking. Producing custom furniture, architectural elements, and stage props for a select clientele, most notably Dita von Tesse. This lead to an invitation to join Bells & Whistles and the development of a fruitful collaboration producing many awarding winning and published hand-made interiors. In his newest venture JXL studio, he has created a hands-on atelier dedicated to designing and building objects and interiors in the appilied art tradition inspired by subtle forms of modern architecture and the cinematic visuals of masters like Kubrick and Fellini.